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Sleeverlogicpak® GmbH

Sleeverlogicpak® GmbH

Sleeverlogicpak was founded in 1994 by the Lortz family as a machine building company. The intension was to close a market gap and to improve the quality of the sleeve packaging. Out of this demand the startup company developed and established new high standards with their “horizontal sleeve machines” on a global base.

In 2009 Sleeverlogicpak join the Sleever International Group with the goal to offer a system solution to the customer with machinery and the packaging material and consequently to improve even more the process and the product.

Up to today our topic is to ensure the customer satisfaction and to have an industrial solution with our customized machines for any challenge asked by the customer. To achieve that goal we work with combined forces starting with the engineering to our project management up to the mechanical technicians and the automation technicians to help your company become a long term success.
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