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Highest quality in shrink-sleeve technology
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Inhouse manufacturing

internal parts manufacturing
for high quality standards
fast reaction times


Machine assembly

inhouse assembly
qualified professionals
high assembly standards

Sleeverlogicpak® GmbH is a brand associated with:

  • innovative sleeve processes
  • excellent shrinking quality with our patented shrinking systems
  • user friendly machines

Due to our great experience in building sleeve machines and answering customer demands with customized machines, we have established a respected place in the packaging industry with our horizontal and vertical sleeve machines. This is valid for all various applications from a tamper evidence sleeve up to decorative sleeve, regardless if it is in the cosmetic- pharma or food industry, we offer the solution for your sleeve packaging.

What we offer:
  • Horizontal sleeve machines
  • Vertical sleeve machines
  • Special manufactured machinery
  • Format part design and manufacturing
  • Spare parts
  • After-Sales-Service
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